sábado, 29 de janeiro de 2011


Em resposta ao meu manifesto indignado sobre testes realizados pela Unilever em animais para o chá Lipton, eles me mandaram a seguinte resposta:

Dear Helena,
Thank you for contacting us. Please be advised that in Brazil, Unilever does not test on animals. The company works in collaboration with other companies and Brazilian research centers to develop alternative test methods that provide information necessary for a secure product and ingredient, without the use of live animals.
Globally, the use of animal testing is the exception rather than the rule in Unilever and used very rarely and only when no alternative method available (testing laboratories or computer models) or when the laws of a country and not actually require safe alternative exists. Unilever wants to eliminate the testing in animals of the legislation, but it takes time because each country has different guidelines on the subject.
Unilever is committed to the total elimination of animal testing on their products and also committed to the safety of its consumers, its employees and also the public in general, always trying to offer products that are safe and not harm the environment.


Betania B. Gattai

Unilever Brasil Ltda.